LifeGroups are more than just a gathering; they are an opportunity to truly know, live, and share life with others. Through shared experiences, prayer, and study, members find encouragement, accountability, and friendship. In a world that often feels disconnected, joining a LifeGroup offers a meaningful way to build lasting connections and journey together in faith.

LifeGroups are currently on summer break. Check back in the fall to join a group!

LifeGroups FAQ

What is a LifeGroup?

A LifeGroup is a home small group that meets weekly to build relationships, apply scripture, and pray and care for each other. Discussions are based on Sunday’s sermon and the application of the message and scripture to life.

Why join a LifeGroup?

At LifePoint, we believe in building strong relationships with God and others. LifeGroups are a great place to do that! LifeGroups are an opportunity to meet new people and do life together.

What happens at a LifeGroup?

While each group will be a little different they will all be sermon based. Groups will check in with everyone and pray together and for each other. Leaders will guide discussion questions based on Sunday’s message, diving into how to apply what was preached to everyday life. Many groups choose to coordinate snacks or even a meal together.

At the end of the season groups take time to have a fun night and serve together. The fun night is a time to get together and hang out. Groups have done escape rooms, ice cream parties, and bowling. The serve project is a tangible opportunity to give life to our community.

How long do groups last?

LifeGroups are in 9 week cycles. Each season will have new leaders and new opportunities to build relationships.

Each week groups meet for an average of 1-2 hours.

What about childcare?

Every group handles childcare on their own. Some hire a babysitter, or mom/couples take turns each week watching kids. We believe kids can benefit greatly by participating in a LifeGroup, and welcome their presence. Contact your LifeGroup leader to find out how they will handle childcare.