Church can be a little intimidating. We know. We’ve walked into a church for the first time ourselves a little unsure about what we were going to experience. Rest assured that here at LifePoint we take that into consideration in planning our services. We are a mid-sized church with a very friendly laid back feel. We enjoy hanging out together with a cup of coffee in our hand in our newly remodeled coffee area while catching up with one another.

People often ask, how should I dress? Our answer is… we don’t tell people how to dress, that’s just not what we’re about…

We have a safe fun place for your kids, but if you’re more comfortable having them stay in service with you that’s okay too. We’re a kid friendly church.

Our services last for about 60 minutes. We sing a few songs, dismiss kids to their areas for a fun teaching time,  then listen to an engaging challenge from Scripture.

We don’t ask or expect our visitors to give. That’s not what we’re about either. We’re about Knowing, Living and Sharing the life of Jesus.

We believe Jesus Christ lived and died so that people might live in the kind of community he created; that’s one of the reasons we gather.  We enjoy knowing life together, living life together and sharing life together, and would love for you to be a part of it. Jesus Christ makes all this possible, that’s the “point” of Life!

Our  Vision

Our vision is simple… “Give Life to our Community.” Life is Christ… He came to give life, and so should we… Life eternal, and life abundantly for today…. We want to be a church that gives and breathes life into our community… why not join us in that vision?

Our Mission

At LifePoint we have a simple mission: Make passionate followers of Christ who Know, Live and Share the LIFE of Jesus.
The Bible says that “Jesus is the way, truth and life.” Here at LifePoint it’s our desire for everyone to Know that Life, Live that Life and Share that Life with others.

Our Strategy

1. Create an environment where people can Encounter God by serving them well.

2. Equip people to serve through an intentional process.

3. Engage our community through acts of generosity.